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Wow okay so here’s some more crazy plot crap theories and whatnot from this kid named rachel.

take a gander at this page from the beginning of Act 6 Act 3:

The salamander scribe that wrote this calls the Alpha kids the Nobles, since their session is Void. You could say their session is ‘unreactive’.

What else is unreactive?

The Noble gases: Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon.

Now, what’s Jane’s planet named again?

Land of Crypts and Helium.

And the other planets, LOPAN, LOTAK, and LOMAX?

Notice the last letters of those planets, respectively.




The freaking Noble gases.

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As we all know from the recent updates, uu is a TEEEEEEEEERRIBLE artist. And UU, on the other hand, loves to write and draw fanfiction, and is pretty good at it.

Based on recent pesterlogs between UU and uu and the kids, we know that they uu and UU encompass one body. During a chat between Jane and UU, she mentions they (meaning she and her ‘brother’) are up to their NECK in all this game business.

Singular. ‘Neck’ is singular.

Which leads to this theory.

uu represents the ‘Left brain’. Logical, analytical, objective. Not very apt in the arts or more creative subjects. This might also explain why uu is so against loving emotions, and his view of ‘porn’ is extremely tame.

UU represents the ‘Right Brain’. Subject, intuitive, thoughtful. Skilled in the arts. Indulges is imagination and fantasy, which could tie to UU’s fascination and speculating what the human’s life is like, writing fanfics, and all that.

So who exactly is UU and uu in the same body then, if they encompass one person? or specifically, one troll?

UU and uu and Calmasis. They embody the same troll, with split personalities, like Sollux, and has two dream selves, UU and uu.

Take a look at this picture.

one person, who dresses like Calmasis, with chains that have UU and uu’s symbol around each leg, representing their different halves.

and, wuite conveniently, on which SIDES their symbols are on.

UU’s on the right.

uu’s on the left.

I rest my case.

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